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Unia Genève

Unia Genève

Organized by : 

Social partners 

Areas of expertise : 

  • Employment law (employment contract, dismissal, salary, personality, certificate)
  • Social insurance law (invalidity, accident, sickness, unemployment, family allowances, maternity, social assistance)
  • Migration law (residence permits, naturalisation, visas, administrative detention, asylum)


Open to:



Services provided :

  • Advice (written or oral information)
  • Writing (writing for private persons and authorities)
  • Legal representation (legal writing and court accompaniment)


Price of services:

The price of services varies according to salary. 


Spoken languages:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian


Make an appointment:

At the counter or by phone  

Attendance of a lawyer: 



Note :

In the event of a dispute membership, the person has the right to legal advice, or even drafting assistance, but will not be represented. The languages spoken vary according to the days. 

By appointment only

5, Chemin du Surinam, 1203 Genève

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